got commissioned to draw some soccer players :>

#1 favorite shota-kun for #1 favorite person (:


lonely prince with broken wings

withstarlikewords's OC soren

ahhh omg!!! thank you so much he looks so handsome /creepily caresses picture i love how you made his scars look like wings and his hair looks so fluffy ahhh * U * THANK YOU!!! 

kuro how does your hair work

how do cats work

my confusion manifested itself as color barf all over this picture my apologies

art trade with fallibleheart of her really cute centaur boy ma zhenhuan !!!

weeps i had a lot of fun drawing him and his clothes and ahhh he has the cutest story and i can’t wait til horror high becomes a webcomic!! and read all the story!!

finished! :>

it’s a love/hate relationship with this character

crepevine and phil’s coffee! perfect way to start break. :)

sketch a day warm up 2, “wizards and also ducks”.

merlin is the first thing that came to mind lool excuse my derpy duck

frosted-pudding's beautiful drawing on top of my ugly one she made it so kawaii