withstarlikewords was talking about body pillows w/ me and now I have the sudden urge to draw a hannibal body pillow for myself…….



…..bad idea???

whispers never a bad idea you know you want to

learning the wonders of SAI’s marker tool


Hey everyone! As a thank you to those who have helped spread the word by reblogging our preorder post, we would like to announce TWO separate giveaways that will be happening from now until the end of preorders.

Since the limited edition platinum had been sold out, we’re giving you guys one more chance at receiving the stickers that were exclusive to that set.

Stickers designed by Hetiru (hetiru.deviantart.com)

(stickers designed by Hetiru)

Here are the rules:

  • You must reblog this post and fill out this form
  • You must be a resident of the US to enter
  • You do not have to be following this blog
  • No giveaway blogs are allowed, we will be checking!

There will be two winners chosen for this prize. If you win, we will be contacting you through email. You will have 24 hours to reply, else another winner will be chosen. Good luck!


We would also like to show our appreciation for those of you who have purchased or are planning on purchasing a book. For our second giveaway, some of our artists have generously donated some prizes. Here is our chance to get some free prints and commissions!

There will be two winners for this and two different prize sets to choose from:

Set 1:

Set 2:

In order to participate in this giveaway, you will have to purchase an artbook. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Artbook only: 1 ticket
  • Limited Edition Bronze or Silver: 2 tickets
  • Limited Edition Gold or Platinum: 3 tickets

Visit our store to preorder the book!

All proceeds will be going to charity: water, a group dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.

Winners will be contacted through email. If you win one of these prizes, you will have 24 hours to reply. Otherwise, another winner will be chosen.






I made a sequel.

this is the truest thing on the planet

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hey guys! updated my shop a little… put my sherlock buttons up :) you can take a look here.

these buttons are as cute as a button ohoho /bricked for bad puns

check out chow’s shop~


Hi guys! Thank you for waiting on us. But wait no more! Preorders are out now on our Storenvy shop!

  • 75+ artists
  • 80+ pages
  • Hardcover book
  • Limited edition extras!


All proceeds go to charity: water. If you have any questions regarding the artbook, please let us know by sending us a note!

Artist Masterlist || DeviantArt Group

IT’S FINALLY OUT GUYS!! kimchinicky and I had a bby child in the form of an artbook and preorders are out~~ my art is in here ohohoho pls check it out~

Character design for game design class~

His name is Little Gary and he really doesn’t like school. ’ v ‘

Hasu:/reading the yaois, gets to the sexytimes page
Me:Oh noes, it looks like he got glue on his hand!
Hasu:Glue?! What kind of glue is that?! Must be... un-superglue?